Ergoline Excellence 950

Tanning luxury at its best! The Ergoline Excellence 950 is available to use at The Sunbed Shop. With Ultra Performance Technology, the bed allows you to hit all areas of your body, including the shoulder and neck areas. Features comfort cooling, magenta mood lighting, music and a body shaped laying platform for your comfort. This bed will allow you to tan faster and is arguably one of the best tanning machines in the industry.

  • Prices
  • 3 minutes £ 2.40
  • 6 minutes £ 4.80
  • 9 minutes £ 7.20
  • 12 minutes £9.60
  • 15 minutes £12.00
  • 18 minutes £14.40
  • Block Bookings
  • 27 Minutes £12.00
  • 57 minutes £22.00
  • 87 minutes £33.00

Prices accurate as at March 2024

Cleanliness & Safety

We are committed to the utmost levels of cleanliness and safety, so all our tanning beds are maintained by trusted and approved electrical contractors with over 20 years’ experience servicing Ergoline and Uvascan equipment.

Your safety is always our priority and our strict policies ensure you never exceed the recommended sun bed usage levels. What’s more, we rigidly follow the newly established government restrictions and guarantee you will leave the salon with the perfect, safe tan.

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We are more than happy to answer any queries or concerns you may have. Please use our Contact Us to find out different ways to contact our team and we will assist you.

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